Note to Reuters: Being Pro-Democracy is Not "Anti-Cuba"

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Reuters ran an interesting article about U.S. policy toward Cuba today.

But the first paragraph shows an unfortunate bias:

"U.S. relations with Cuba are at their best in almost two decades, but President Barack Obama seems unwilling or unable to confront a well-organized anti-Cuba lobby and push for further progress."

Adopting the propaganda and rhetoric of the Castro regime, Reuters has chosen to label those who favor freedom, democracy and human rights as being "anti-Cuba."

Has Reuters now decided to label anyone who opposes the Castro dictatorship as being "anti-Cuba"?

Has Reuters now chosen to equate Cuba to its dictatorship?

Are those who advocate for freedom in Syria and Iran considered "anti-Syria" and "anti-Iran"?

Have all dissidents and expatriates who have opposed tyranny throughout history been "against their homeland"?

Was Mandela "anti-South Africa", Walesa "anti-Poland" and Havel "anti-Czech"?

To the contrary, there is nothing more "pro-Cuban" than advocating for democracy, freedom and human rights.