Quote of the Day

Sunday, February 9, 2014
As the son of Cuban exiles, who are the victims of the Castro regime's oppression, I am deeply offended by Charlie Crist's shameful comments. Our community has endured great pain to now have to endure Crist's disrespectful statement.  Note to Crist:  The U.S embargo on Castro will not be lifted until Cubans are no longer accosted in the streets of Cuba or tortured in Castro's gulag; until the day that Cubans can assemble without fear and a free press exists; and until the day that they can cast a ballot knowing that they will not be physically beaten or intimidated. It's an embarrassment that Crist has positioned himself on the wrong side of history at a moment when the Cuban people need the most solidarity.
-- Rene Garcia, Florida State Senator, on Charlie Crist's remarks with HBO's Bill Maher about Cuba and lifting the U.S. embargo, 2/9/14