What the Media Ignored: Americans Support Cuba Policy

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Scouring through news stories about the Arsht Center's Flake-Leahy poll, not a single media organization mentioned a key take-away:

That Americans support U.S. policy toward Cuba.

U.S. policy toward Cuba, as codified into law by the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act (LIBERTAD), sets forth a host of democratic and human rights preconditions for the lifting of sanctions and the normalization of relations.

Despite the pollster's targeting low-information individuals and manipulating samples from the general population, when informed about the Castro regime's human rights abuses, Americans favored keeping current U.S. policy -- and reject further engagement -- by a 50-43 margin.

In other words, no matter how hard pollsters push, when Americans are informed about the democratic and human rights conditions in U.S. law, they clearly favor current U.S. policy toward Cuba.

The more Americans learn about Castro's human rights abuses, the more they favor current U.S. policy.

Castro's lobbyists know this -- and thus constantly distract, hide and "whitewash" the regime's brutality.

Sadly, media organizations are either ignorant of current U.S. policy, or chose to ignore this key point.