U.N. Expert: Cuba Hiding Info in Illegal Arms Probe

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
From EFE:

U.N. will continue probe of Cuba-North Korea arms

The group of U.N. experts in charge of monitoring the compliance of international sanctions against North Korea will continue investigating for the case of the “Chong Chon Gang,” the vessel intercepted last year in Panama with a hidden shipment of Cuban weapons.

"We are going to continue. It's such an important case that we want to make sure we get to the bottom of the issue," said Martin Uden, the group's coordinator.

For the group of experts, the evidence "points to a clear and deliberate efforts to circumvent [U.N.] resolutions."

Uden insisted on this Tuesday, assuring that if there was nothing to hide, it wouldn't have been hidden under tons of sugar.

Among the issues to be resolved is revealing the individuals and entities who participated in the operation, which could imply sanctions against them.

The diplomat regretted that Cuba has not offered the U.N. all of the information its has requested.