Unbelievable: U.S. Academics Urge Support for Maduro

Sunday, March 16, 2014
A group of 46 U.S. academics have written an open letter (published on Al Jazeera) to Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him to support the Cuban-controlled government of Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro.

These academics gloss over the dismantling of democratic institutions by Chavez-Maduro, including its control over the judiciary, the electoral commission, and its crackdown on independent media and government opponents.

Predictably, they ignore the widespread human rights abuses and repression taking place against student protesters.

Instead, they make this mind-boggling assertion: 

"Images of violent episodes from the past have been presented as current events on outlets such as CNN, and numerous images of incidents from Greece, Spain, Belarus, Chile and other countries are being falsely presented as having occurred in Venezuela on YouTube, Twitter and other social media."

And to think that these absurd individuals are teaching young people.

To be clear, this is Venezuela: