Castro's "Murder, Inc."

Monday, April 7, 2014
Two stories from this weekend that everyone should read.

First, The Miami Herald has discovered new information connecting the Castro regime to the 1995 South Florida murder of a high-level defector, who was preparing to testify regarding Cuba’s bio-weapons capabilities to Congress.

Read the whole story here. Some excerpts:

When Cuban exiles Lilian Rosa Morales and husband Manuel Ramirez were murdered in an execution-style shooting in Coral Gables shortly after midnight on Feb. 2, 1995, most news reports on the case focused on Morales.

After all, Morales, 25, was known as the host of a radio program on astrology and a flashy dresser who favored big hats in vivid colors. The reports noted that her recent New Year’s prediction that Fidel Castro would survive 1995 might have angered a listener.

Ramirez, 57, was mentioned in the reports only as her husband. They said he had died at Jackson Memorial Hospital soon after Morales was pronounced dead at the scene, around the corner from the WCMQ radio station on Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

Few people, in fact, knew at the time that Ramirez was a very important man. He had led the construction of Cuba’s top-security biological laboratories in the 1980s and was preparing to testify about the island’s bioweapons capabilities to the U.S. Congress when the couple was murdered, el Nuevo Herald has learned.

Ramirez also had directed the construction of some of Cuban ruler Fidel Castro’s offices and several military bunkers, and had received a U.S. visa under a semi-secret “national interest” program for top island defectors managed by exiles in Miami.

A former Cuban government official has now told the newspaper that the killer was a petty Havana thief living in Miami who was ordered by Havana officials, perhaps Castro himself, to murder Ramirez for allegedly stealing $2 million from the government [...]

Brian Latell, a retired CIA analyst and author of the book Castro’s Secrets, said there have been a number of known Cuban government attempts to assassinate defectors and others, especially people who angered Castro in some way.

“Fidel operated during all his years in power as Cuba’s supreme spymaster. He called the shots in every important case. And defectors who damaged Cuba always became his cases,” Latell said.

Second, Sunday World has an article regarding a new documentary on the perversion and brutality of former Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.

In the story, we're reminded that the head of Gaddafi's "Murder, Inc." is still being harbored by Castro in Havana.

Here's an excerpt:

In a major exclusive, a documentary team also secured an interview with the renegade CIA operative who ran the murder squad.

Frank Terpil who currently is avoiding the U.S. authorities in Havana, Cuba said that he would be paid about a million dollars a hit, paid into a Geneva bank account.

‘I was in Geneva… [a Gadaffi relative] opened up a letter of credit for a million dollars for [the target's] demise, on the caveat that his head be delivered back in a cooler to Libya so Gaddafi could actually look at the results of the work,’ he told the documentary producers.