Confirmed: North Korea's Ambassador to Cuba Executed

Monday, April 7, 2014
First, the head of Cuba's Air Force, General Pedro Mendiondo, dies in a mysterious car crash.

Then, North Korea's Army Chief, General Kim Kyok-sik, was mysteriously purged.

And now, it has been confirmed that North Korea's Ambassador to Cuba, Jon Yong-jin, has been executed (below).

As the U.N. Panel of Experts recently revealed, the smuggling of Cuban weapons to North Korea was negotiated and transacted from its Embassy in Havana.

It seems the Kim and Castro regimes are going to great lengths to cover their illegal smuggling scheme.

From Seoul's leading newspaper, The Chosun Ilbo:

N.Korea Shuts Down Jang Song-taek's Department

The North Korean regime has shut down the Workers Party department once headed by purged eminence grise Jang Song-taek and executed or interned 11 high-ranking officials, sources said Sunday.

One of them was burned alive.

A source said the regime is preparing a third purge of officials who supported Jang. The first purge involved his family, relatives and high-ranking party officials, while the second purge underway. The third will target his supporters in provincial chapters of the Workers Party.

The source said Jang's elder sister Kye-sun and her husband and ambassador to Cuba Jon Yong-jin, as well as their son-in-law Kim Yong-ho, who was head of a trading company, were executed. But ambassador to Malaysia Jang Yong-chol, Jang's nephew, escaped with his life.

He was sent to a concentration camp shortly after Jang Song-taek's execution but was ordered to return to Pyongyang without a job after South Korean media reported rumors of his execution.