Cuba's Christian Liberation Movement Rejects Council of the America's Proposal

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Excerpt from today's statement by Cuba's Christian Liberation Movement, founded by deceased democracy leader Oswaldo Paya, on the Council of the America's open letter to President Obama lobbying him to bypass Congress in easing travel and financial sanctions towards Cuba.

"There seems to be confusion. It's illusory and unreal to think the so-called 'cuenta-propistas' ('self-employed' licensees) form part of a 'broad spectrum of civil society.' The laws enacted in our country do not recognize rights, nor economic freedoms, that guarantee the free exercise of a market economy. In Cuba, the totalitarian regime has made some concessions within an environment and legal order that is under the absolute control of the government. To support and applaud this logic of no-rights is an act of complicity that infringes, precisely, against the potential birth of a real 'civil society.'"