Democracy Rang Loudly on Sunday

Sunday, May 25, 2014
It was an inspirational day for democracy throughout the world this Sunday.

In Venezuela, the wives of two Mayors unjustly imprisoned by Nicolas Maduro for their opposition to his government, won resounding victories to replace their husbands. Rosa de Scarano won 87.7% of the vote in the municipality of San Diego, and Patricia de Ceballos won 73.7% of the vote in San Cristobal. Both faced Maduro puppets.

In Colombia, former Finance Minister Oscar Ivan Zuluaga won the first-round of Colombia's presidential election Sunday with 29 percent of the vote. Incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos came in second with 26 percent.  Both will head to a runoff on June 15th. Many Colombians remain distrustful of Santos' negotiations with the narco-terrorist group, FARC, in Cuba, and his deferential approach in dealing with Venezuela.

In Ukraine, pro-European businessman Petro O. Poroshenko was elected President with 56% of the vote. Meanwhile, Vitali Klitschko, the famous boxer who led led the street protests that deposed the Yanukovych regime, was elected as Mayor of Kiev. The election took place despite threats by pro-Russia separatists to prevent citizens from casting their ballots. Voters were defiant and turnout was strong.