#KeepCuba on the Terrorism List

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
University of Florida student leader, Andy Garcia, began the following campaign this week on Facebook:

I ask you to support the State Department's decision to keep Cuba as a state that sponsors and harbors terrorists who plot against our country. Since the beginning of the revolution, the Cuban government has funded, trained and given refuge to paramilitary groups openly hostile to the United States and our values of democracy, freedom, defense of human rights and free enterprise. Through the years these action have only intensified and taken on new covered ways. An American citizen, Alan Gross, has been taken hostage by the Cuban government in its failed aim to trade him for three Cuban spies and terrorists who are jailed in the United States and who killed three Cuban-American heroes in South Florida from the Brothers to the Rescue, an NGO that saved Cuban rafters from drawing in the sea while they escaped Castro's regime. Last year, Cuba tried to smuggled weapons into North Korea in open violation of the UN embargo against that country and more than five wanted terrorists and criminals from the United States are living freely in Cuba. #KeepCuba