Alan Gross' Sister: Why Would You Encourage Tourism to Cuba?

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Bonnie Rubinstein, sister of American hostage Alan Gross, writes the Editor of The Dallas Morning News:

Why would you encourage tourism to Cuba? My brother Alan Gross is imprisoned there

Re: “Havana great time — You can get there from here,” June 1 Travel story.

Writer Joy Tipping wrote a light and airy article about her travels to Cuba. My brother Alan Gross also traveled to Cuba four times on behalf of our government to bring in cellphones and computers to Cuba’s small Jewish community. On his fifth trip in December 2009, he was arrested and is now languishing in a Cuban jail cell (

He would agree that the Cuban people are warm and wonderful. He would agree that the music is great and the art bright and cheerful. But beware, if you drive in Cuba and have an accident, you would most likely be thrown in jail. If you express political thoughts, you will be thrown in jail. If you are Cuban and attempt to travel to the U.S., you will most definitely be thrown in jail.

Is this a place you would like to visit and support?