Democracy Leaders v. Country Club Elites, Pt.2

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Earlier this year, we wrote a post entitled "Democracy Leaders v. Country Club Elites."

It's about the contrast between Cuba's democracy leaders, who are overwhelmingly calling on the U.S. not to lift sanctions, and a handful of Cuban-American businessmen, who seek more business for Castro's trade and tourism monopolies.

Read it here.

This scene was literally played out this week by Cuban-American businessman Joe Arriola, who conducted an interview with Reuters from the Riviera Country Club in Coral Gables, and chided President Obama for "not having the guts to do the right thing."

The "right thing" for Mr. Arriola is for the United States to unilaterally and unconditionally lift sanctions towards the Castro regime.

Never mind that all trade, tourism and investment towards Cuba must be conducted through Castro's monopolies.

Never mind that -- like the billions in European and Canadian trade, tourism and investment over the last two decades -- the Cuban people won't see a penny of it.

But most importantly, never mind that Cuba's courageous democracy leaders are telling him that lifting sanctions would be prejudicial to their critical efforts.

Currently, Cuban democracy leader Jorge Luis Garcia Perez "Antunez," is sitting in a prison cell, after being viciously beaten, chocked unconscious and injected with unknown substances.

His crime? Organizing a letter of over 830 Cuban democracy activists calling on the U.S. not to lift sanctions.

Antunez, who has already spent over 17-years as a prisoner of conscience (a little less than half of his life), led this effort to counter the selfish and misguided efforts of such businessmen to lift U.S. sanctions.

These democracy leaders are shedding blood, sweat and tears -- and some have made the ultimate sacrifice -- for the freedom of all Cubans.

Joe Arriola has a lot to learn about "guts" and "doing the right thing."