The "Extreme Cruelty" of the Castro Regime

Thursday, June 26, 2014
This gruesome event took place 21-years ago today.

Also, don't forget who was the Minister of Defense (MINFAR) -- General Raul Castro.

From The Miami Herald:

U.S. Rips Cuba's "Extreme Cruelty", Protests 3 Killings Near Base

Cuban marine patrols, determined to stop refugees from reaching the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, have repeatedly tossed grenades and shot at fleeing swimmers and recovered some bodies with gaff hooks, U.S. officials charged Tuesday.

At least three Cubans have been killed in the past month as Cuban patrol boats attacked swimmers within sight of U.S. Navy personnel at Guantanamo.

The killings are the latest sign that Cuba is resorting to violent means to stop a torrent of desperate people from fleeing the impoverished island.

"This is the most savage kind of behavior I've ever heard of," said Robert Gelbard, deputy assistant secretary of state for Latin America. The United States has no previous record of such activity in Cuba, he added, calling the practice "even worse than what happened at the Berlin Wall."

The Clinton administration filed a formal protest Monday with the government of President Fidel Castro, calling on Havana to "immediately cease these barbaric practices," said a State Department aide.

Courtesy of Notes From the Cuban Exile Quarter.