North Korea Up to No Good in Venezuela

Thursday, June 26, 2014
The U.N. Panel of Expert's report on Cuba's smuggling of 240 tons of weaponry to North Korea, in violation of international sanctions, revealed how North Korea's Embassy in Havana played a central role in the financial and logistical execution of this operation.

Evidence found on the ship pointed to involvement of [North Korea] embassy staff in Cuba,” the report said, citing contact phone numbers and records in the captain’s log from the Chong Chon Gang vessel, which was used to smuggle the weapons.

Now, North Korea is opening an Embassy in Caracas.

Considering the Venezuelan government's ties to narcotic trafficking and its support for terrorist organizations, does anyone believe any good will come of this?

From UPI:

North Korea to open embassy in Venezuela

North Korea is preparing to open its first embassy in the South American country of Venezuela.

North Korea is planning to open an embassy in Venezuela, having recently received approval from the Venezuelan government to do so.

It would be North Korea's first embassy in Venezuela since diplomatic relations began in 1974. To date, the North Korean ambassador to Cuba has represented North Korean interests in Venezuela.

North Korea maintains a trade office in the capital city of Caracas that was opened in 1991 and closed briefly in 1999 before reopening in 2000.

North Korea and Venezuela, both with anti-U.S. foreign policies, are on friendly diplomatic terms.