Odebrecht Accused of Slave Labor and Human Trafficking

Sunday, June 22, 2014
For years, we have highlighted the questionable practices of the Brazilian conglomerate, Odebrecht.

Odebrecht is a favorite business partner of the world's most brutal dictators.

In the Western Hemisphere, it remains the Castro regime's strategic ally and the Maduro government's biggest cheerleader.

And yet, somehow, it had also (questionably) remained the largest recipient of Miami-Dade County taxpayer money.

Now, we can add slave labor and human trafficking to Odebrecht's repulsive practices.

This week, Brazil's Ministry of Public Works initiated a judicial process against Odebrecht for slave labor, inhumane conditions, international human trafficking, curtailment of freedom, retention of documents and other violations.

The BBC has more here.

These violations stem from the construction of a sugar cane mill in Angola between 2011 and 2012 and involve some 500 workers.

This sugar mill project is similar to the one Odebrecht has contracted with the Castro regime in the Cienfuegos province, where it will have the blessing of the Cuban authorities for its slave labor and human trafficking practices.

In the U.S. State Department's 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report ("Report"), Cuba received the lowest ranking (Tier 3), as a country that does not comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking.