Over 60 Ladies in White Arrested on Sunday

Monday, June 2, 2014
Perhaps Tom Donohue and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce should have taken some time to meet with these courageous women last week.

Of course, he would have heard some unpleasant truths and it would have cost him an audience with Cuba's only CEO.

But doing the right thing isn't always the most expedient.

At least 60 members of The Ladies in White were arrested this weekend by the Castro regime, as they tried to attend Sunday Mass.

The Ladies in White is a pro-democracy group that consists of the wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and other relatives of Cuban political prisoners.

Dozens of arrests took place in the provinces of Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba.

Among those arrested were Mercedes de la Guardia Hernández, Katiuska Rodriguez Rives, Odalis Hernandez Hernandez, Yamila Sendra Ruiz, Leticia Ramos Herrería, Amada Rosa Herrería Rodríguez, Hortensia Alfonso Vega, Mercedes de la Guardia Hernàndez, Tania Echeverria Menendez, Caridad Burunate Gómez, Asunción Carrillo Hernandez, Làzara Rodríguez Roteta, Maritza Acosta Perdomo, Maira Garcìa Àlvarez, Maria Teresa Castellanos Valido, Alejandrina Garcìa de la Riva and Niurka Perdomo Gómez.

There were also at least 14 arrests in Holguin, 14 in Havana and 2 in Ciego de Avila.

More "reform" you can't believe in.