Poll: Charlie Crist Has a Serious Cuban-American Problem

Sunday, June 8, 2014
Last week, we posted how Survey USA's tracking poll of the Florida gubernatorial race showed Charlie Crist's Cuban-American numbers plummet.

Since Crist began his campaign to lift the Cuban embargo, his numbers have gone from trailing Florida Governor Rick Scott by a small margin of 46-52% to now losing by over a 2-to-1 margin of 30-63%.

Today, these numbers were confirmed by a Bendixen poll conducted for The Miami Herald.

If even Bendixen, who always weighs his polls heavily for Democrats and against U.S. policy toward Cuba, says Crist has a problem -- then it must be big.

According to Bendixen's poll, Crist is trailing Scott among Cuban-Americans by a 30-58% margin.

Moreover, only 6% of Cuban-American voters said Crist's newly-found Cuba views make them more likely to support him, while 42% say the opposite.

As regards U.S. policy towards Cuba, the poll shows Cuban-American oppose lifting travel restrictions by a 51-42% margin.

Meanwhile, Cuban-Americans oppose lifting the overall embargo by a 56-36% margin.

And this is a Bendixen poll.

Any bets on another Crist flip-flop?