Mariel's Unimpressive Start

Friday, July 18, 2014
Despite all the media hype and propaganda, the Castro regime's Port of Mariel has been a dud.

Since it opened six months ago, Mariel has handled 57 ships with less than 15,000 containers.

Yet, according to the Castro regime, Mariel has the capacity to handle 822,000 containers.

In other words, it's currently working at less than 2% of its capacity.

Compare this to the nearby Port of Kingston's (Jamaica) yearly traffic of 2 million containers or Freeport's (Bahamas) 1.5 million containers.

Wonder whether the Castro regime is including illegal arms shipments (which were loaded at the Port of Mariel) to North Korea in its figures?

(As a reminder, below is the North Korean captain's note indicating the arms shipments were to be picked up at the Port of Mariel.)

Either way, not very impressive.