Name This Dictatorship

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Is the dictatorship described in the following news-story:

a.) Cuba
b.) Iran
c.) North Korea

From The Guardian:

"Despite the perception of [Nation A] as the basketcase of [Region A], the country once had an enviable healthcare system, with a network of nearly 45,000 family practitioners. Some 800 hospitals and 1,000 clinics were almost entirely free of charge for patients. They still are, but you don't get much at the hospital these days. The doctors, who are barely paid, expect gifts from their patients. The hospitals often have no heating, running water or electricity. You need to provide your own food, blankets, bandages, medicine.

The school system that once allowed [Nation A's dictator] to boast his country was the first in [Region A] to eliminate illiteracy has now collapsed. Students have no books, no paper, no pencils."

Answer: While the propaganda is remarkably similar for all three, this particularly story was about c.) North Korea. ("North Korea's Giant Leap Backwards," The Guardian 7/16/2010.)

And, of course, the "reason" for the downfall of North Korea's "enviable" free health care and educational system is sanctions.