Cuba Claims It Has a "Right" to Do Business With the United States

Thursday, September 11, 2014
As part of its yearly propaganda charade, the Castro regime claims that U.S. sanctions have cost it $3.9 billion over the past year.

This includes $205.8 million from "lost" sales of cigars and rum.

Note the irony:

The Castro regime denies the Cuban people their fundamental right to own businesses in their country; to invest in their country; and to import and export from their country.

This "right" is reserved only for Castro's monopolies.

Yet, it believes its monopolies somehow have a "right" to do business with the United States.

Think again.

From Reuters:

U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba have cost the island nation $3.9 billion in foreign trade over the past year, helping to raise the overall estimate of economic damage to $116.8 billion over the past 55 years, Cuba said on Tuesday.

The figures were published in a report that Cuba prepares for the United Nations each year in requesting a resolution urging an end to the comprehensive U.S. economic embargo and other sanctions against Cuba's Communist government.