Quote(s) of the Week: On American Hostages in Cuba and North Korea

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Cuban government interlocutors frequently attempt to compare Mr. Gross' imprisonment to that of the convicted Cuban intelligence agents from the Wasp Network, three of whom remain in prison in the United States. The situation of Alan Gross is not comparable to that of the Cuban intelligence members.
-- Susan Bridenstine, State Department press officer, responding to a recent AP interview with Cuban intelligence agent Fernando Gonzalez, where he reiterates the Castro regime's swap demand, Radio Marti, 9/10/14

It is increasingly clear that the DPRK seeks to use these U.S. citizens as pawns to pursue its own political agenda. 
-- Marie Harf, State Department spokesperson, on this week's conviction of another American, Matthew Miller, by North Korea's regime, State Department, 9/15/14