A Very Wise Letter From Canada

Friday, October 3, 2014
A Letter to the Editor of Canada's National Post:

Get out of Cuba

Re: Lawyer Calls Canadian’s Jailing In Cuba ‘Sinister,’ Sept. 30.

Given that all of this is transpiring under the noses of a Canadian government that has bent over backwards to give the Cuban state some legitimacy in the Western world, I think it is high time for our government to officially raise its voice against this type of vicious attack. At issue is not whether there was any wrong doing, it is the fact that Cuba wants everything that is good from the West and the only thing we get back is the same old repressive, controlled and corrupt regime. It is high time that Canada pulls out of Cuba and stops this charade. Only God knows how much Canada has paid (unofficially of course) to the corrupt individuals in Cuba.

Eugene Karadjian, Toronto