Another Letter From Canada

Thursday, October 9, 2014
A Letter to the Editor of Canada's Grimsby Lincoln News:

Boycott Cuba over actions

An open letter to Member of Parliament (MP) Dean Allison

As a Canadian and one of your Grimsby constituents, I am communicating with you to express my outrage over the bogus charges and conviction levied on Canadian businessman Cy Tokmakjian by the Cuban government.

This is outright piracy, an attempt on Cuba’s part to expropriate a $100-million Canadian enterprise. My expectation is that our federal government will protest in the most vigorous manner possible and that strong economic sanctions by our country will ensue should this travesty not be rectified in very short order.

Canadians must curtail any vacations planned for Cuba forthwith. A prompt response from you is both appreciated and expected.

Larry Rendall,