Quote of the Day: From FL's Gubernatorial Debate

Saturday, October 11, 2014
I believe in the embargo. Here is why. The Castro brothers are terrorists. They are terrorists. There is no democracy in Cuba. There are human rights violations in Cuba. People on the ground in Cuba, the Ladies in White and [Jorge Luis Garcia Perez] Antunez, say we need to keep the embargo. We need to keep the embargo to make sure everybody knows that Cuba is not a democracy. Cuba is a terrorist state. Look at what the Castro brothers are now doing in Venezuela. They are moving their problem of Cuba into Venezuela now. They are supporting the Maduro regime and we see peaceful protesters being murdered, being arrested in Venezuela. So, no I don't support at all the lifting the embargo on Cuba. I believe in democracy. I believe in freedom. I believe in standing our ground to make sure the Castro brothers change. And if they don’t change, when they die, we want to stand with the Ladies in White and Antunez to make sure they are at the table to talk about democracy.
-- Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, Telemundo debate, 10/10/14