Cuban Regime Operative Stabs Two "Ladies in White"

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Last night, a Castro regime operative forcefully entered the home of Cuban democracy leader and Sakharov Prize recipient, Guillermo Fariñas, and physically assaulted dissidents gathered there.

Jose Alberto Botell Cardenas, a known regime operative, stabbed four dissidents with a knife, various of whom had hovered to protect Fariñas.

Among those stabbed were two members of the pro-democracy group, The Ladies in White -- Maria Arango and Isabel Fernandez Llanes.

Arango remains hospitalized in critical condition, as she was stabbed in the chest.  This morning she suffered respiratory arrest.

Also, stabbed were two male dissidents, Miguel Fariñas Key and Jesus Aristides Hernandez.

Pursuant to the stabbing, Botell Cardenas (the regime operative) was cheerfully greeted by a senior secret police official, Captain Reinier Rodriguez Conde, who had been staking-out the dissident's meeting.

He was later seen drinking alcoholic beverages at a local park in Santa Clara.

Despite dissident's calls for his arrest, Botell Cardenas remains free.

This morning, he also threatened to kill another member of The Ladies in White, Dayami Villavicencio, and her son.