Nine Cuban Political Prisoners Handed Long Sentences

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
In one of its recent editorials, The New York Times lauds that "in recent years [Cuban] officials have released political prisoners who had been held for years."

Of course, The New York Times chose to omit all those who are still serving long prison terms, as well as new political prisoners who have been arrested in recent years and remain arbitrarily imprisoned, e.g. The Ladies in White's Sonia Garro, labor leader Ulises Gonzalez Moreno, LGBT advocate David Bustamante and activist Ivan Fernandez Depestre.

Meanwhile, just last month (October), nine Cuban political prisoners were handed prison terms of 2-7 years for their democratic opposition.

They are Angel Remón Arzuaga, Alexander Otero, Jaquelin García, Johannes Arce, Yoelkis Rosabal, Ricardo Pelier, Ernesto Dufos, Carlos Manuel Figueroa and Santiago Montes de Oca.

Despite the deceptive efforts of The New York Times, Castro's lobbyists and propagandists, their names will not be forgotten.