Tourists Celebrate Apartheid in Cuba

Monday, November 17, 2014
According to Cubatur, one of the Castro regime's official tourism entities, they are giddily expecting over 200 cruise ships -- carrying 2,000 mostly European and Canadian passengers -- to arrive in Cuba this winter season.

These cruise ships will make ports-of-call in Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.

(In the case of Santiago de Cuba, they do so at a port facility that was illegally expropriated from its original owner, who is a certified U.S. claimant.)

In addition to financially-backing a repressive dictatorship, these tourists don't seem to care about the apartheid they are propagating.

An apartheid the Castro regime does not hide.

The pamphlets marketing these Cuba cruises shamelessly state:

"The Cuban authorities will not permit any person of Cuban citizenship, regardless of dual nationality or country of residence, to embark or disembark at any Cuban port."

In other words, if you were born in Cuba, you are not allowed to embark or disembark any vessel, at any port, in your own country -- even if you are now a citizen of the U.S., Canada or any European nation.

Ports and vessels in Cuba are only for the enjoyment of the Castro regime's elite, foreign tourists and narco-terrorists.