A Timely Reminder in The New York Times

Monday, December 1, 2014
While Ernesto Londoño, the new young editorial writer for The New York Times, currently receives a "hero's welcome" in Cuba, the news section of the paper has a story about the NYT's relationship with Fidel Castro.

It reminds us about the last NYT journalist that traveled throughout Cuba and wrote numerous contradictions, misrepresentations and omissions in his stories.

That journalist, Herbert Matthews, also took it upon himself to pick "winners and losers" and provided loads of misinformation, such as:

The only power worth considering in Cuba is in the hands of Premier Castro, who is not only not Communist but decidedly anti-Communist, even though he does not consider it desirable in the present circumstances to attack or destroy the Reds — as he is in a position to do any time he wants.” (“Cuba Has a One-Man Rule and It Is Called Non-Red.”).

Matthews' irresponsible reporting had terrible consequences for the Cuban people.

A history the NYT appears keen on repeating.

Image below: Castro visits the NYT newsroom in 1995.