Cuban Regime to Keep 92% of Workers' Salaries

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
The Castro regime's arrangement with foreign investors in Cuba is in blatant violation of international labor law.

And yet, this is the arrangement that The New York Times and other anti-sanctions lobbyists want U.S. companies -- which would be required to partner with Castro's monopolies to operate in Cuba -- to partake in.

More "reform" you can't believe in.

From Havana Times:

Cuban Gov. to Keep 92% of Worker Salaries

Cubans working for firms with foreign capital on the island received a bucket of cold water Tuesday when a new resolution published in the official Gazette fixes their salaries at only 8% of what the joint venture or foreign companies must pay the government in hard currency for their services.

The announcement published by Granma daily quotes Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Security, Zamira MarĂ­n Triana, as saying the new wage involves a “significant increase” for workers.