Hezbollah Celebrates Cuba's Coercion of Obama, Takes Note

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
In last week's statement on Obama's bad Cuba deal, we wrote:

"Rogue regimes throughout the world will take note that you can take American hostages and will be rewarded with policy concessions."

We've already seen Iran overjoyed by Castro's coercion of Obama.

And now, Hezbollah.

From Lebanon's Daily Star:

Hezbollah: U.S.-Cuba thaw proof of colonial demise

Hezbollah views Washington’s historic reconciliation with Cuba after five decades of Cold War impasse as a popular victory against colonial hegemony, a party official said Wednesday.

“The achievements of Cuba, which was firm on its principles, is a lesson for all people of the world who are suffering from American hegemony,” Hezbollah official Ammar Moussawi said after a meeting with the Cuban ambassador to Lebanon.

Cuba’s success reveals how the will of the people is much stronger than a policy of sanctions, threats and intimidation practiced by hegemonic forces, Moussawi said.

Moussawi also congratulated Cuba for “thwarting a political, economic and military siege which was carried out as policy by Washington against Cuba for more than half a century.”

The firmness of Cuba’s positions and the steadfastness and patience of the Cuban people has pushed the US administration to recognize the inability of the siege to force Cuba to join American colonial policies, he said.