In the Mold of Harry Truman

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
A Letter to the Editor of The Jersey Journal:

With Truman traits, Sen. Menendez should run for president

As a liberal hawk (actually someone who is neither hawk nor dove, but supports military action as a last resort), I strongly recommend U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-NJ, to consider running for vice president, if Hillary is the presidential nominee. Or better still, run for president himself. He has been a strong liberal advocate and very strong on national defense.

He is no fool on the Iranians trying to develop a nuclear weapon and has been stronger on this than the Obama administration, who initially opposed the Menendez led stronger sanctions on Iran. On Cuba, he is more correct than Hillary, who recently came out against U.S. sanctions on that island.

Free trade with China or Vietnam has not changed either nations and both nations have political prisoners. Would dropping sanctions on Cuba lead to the same thing -- a little capitalism, good for multinational corporations, but still a communist dictatorship?

Sen. Menendez is the perfect person to run for a liberal “hawk” like myself. He is in the tradition of Harry Truman -- a real liberal, but strong on military policy. Run Bob, run, run. You could be the first Hispanic president or vice president.

Gil Corby