McConnell: After Obama's Cuba Deal, Israel Should be Worried

Sunday, December 28, 2014
[Obama's Cuba deal] is going to strengthen the Castro brothers providing them with the kind of foreign currency that will allow them to continue to prop up their oppressive regime. We have a couple of Cuban Americans in the U.S. Senate: Bob Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey; Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida -- both of them spoke forcibly against what the president did. As, interestingly, did the Washington Post. So I think it was another example of the president's foreign policy, which seems to reward repressive regimes and raise doubts among our friends about whether we are truly going to be with them at times of crisis... If I were the Israeli government, looking at what the president did yesterday with regard to Cuba, I would be pretty nervous that the president is not above making a bad deal. 
-- U.S. Senator Mitch McConell (R-KY), incoming Senate Majority Leader, interview with Israel Hayom, 12/26/14