Rubio Responds to Reporter's Cuba Polling Spin

Saturday, December 20, 2014
From The Shark Tank:

Epic Marco Rubio Smack Down of Reporter’s Question On Cuba

I really don’t know how Senator Rubio contained himself during a press conference in Miami, when a reporter asked him how he could support his current position on Cuba.

According to the reporter, who cited a recent Florida International University poll conducted on normalizing relations with Cuba, the “super majority of Cuban Americans” do not support the existing U.S.-Cuba foreign policy.

Rubio shot back at the reporter, answering his question with several mic-dropping questions of his own:

Reporter: How is it do you take a position that is contrary to the super majority of your constituents?

Sen. Marco Rubio: We have a poll every two years in this state, its called elections. As far as I can tell, everyone of our members of Congress that’s been elected in those districts agrees with my position, and I with their position on this issue.

Where is the pro-embargo, or anti-embargo congressperson from the very district you said was polled? I think that’s the ultimate poll.

I think people have spoken, and tomorrow if people want a Castro appeaser to be their next Senator or their next congressperson, they have the right to do that, I suppose.

Watch the video exchange here.