Arrests, Re-Arrests and Those Castro Wants Forgotten #YoTambienExijo

Thursday, January 1, 2015
Dozens of Cuban democracy activists have been arrested over the last few days as they simply sought to express their views for one-minute, in a rights performance entitled #YoTambienExijo.

As famed Cuban rocker Boris Larramendi poignantly noted, "the regime is not willing to give Cubans even one minute to express themselves."

In order to confuse foreign journalists and rights monitors (or as we say in Spanish, "perder la pista"), the Castro regime has been arresting and re-arresting democracy leaders, and transferring them among police facilities.

The organizer of #YoTambienExijo, artist Tania Bruguera, has been arrested and re-arrested over the last two days, each time with her whereabouts unknown.

She is being accused of "resistance" and "public disorder." Her passport was confiscated and has been forbidden from leaving the island.

Other well-known democracy leaders such as Antonio Rodiles, Reinaldo Escobar and Elicer Avila have also been released. Some like, Ailer Maria Gonzalez, have been released and then re-arrested.

Some lesser known activists remain in prison -- many in unknown locations.  They include:

Pablo Pascual Mendez Piña y Boris Gonzalez Arenas, Waldo Fernandez Cuenca, Claudio Fuentes, Luis Trapaga, Raul Borges, Yaneisi Herrera Cabrales, Ariovel Castillo Villalba, Carlos Manuel Hernández, Miguel Daniel Borroto, Raisel Rodríguez Rivero and Lazaro Montesino Hernandez.

The Castro regime wants them to be forgotten.

Meanwhile, Cuban artist Danilo Maldonado (known as "El Sexto"), remains imprisoned since Christmas Day and was given a beating for New Year's at a police facility located in Havana's Zapata and C Streets.

And Marcelino Abreu Bonora, who had just been released on October 24th, but was re-arrested on December 26th, spent New Year's in a punishment cell (after a severe beating) at the Nieves Morejon Prison in Sancti Spiritus.

They will not be forgotten.