Castro Re-Arrests Cuban Dissidents From the List of 53

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Two Cuban political prisoners from the list of 53 that had been negotiated by President Obama and General Raul Castro have been re-arrested.

They are Rolando Reyes Rabanal and Luis Enrique Labrador.

According to Hablemos Press, Rabanal and Labrador were arrested -- along with other activists -- as they sought to attend a meeting of the opposition group, Movement for a New Republic.

Also arrested at the meeting was Lazara Maria Borrego Guzman, a member of The Ladies in White. Regime officials fractured her arm during the violent arrest.

Meanwhile, another opposition activist, Miguel Daniel Borroto Vazquez, was beaten and arrested outside his home. Borrot Vazquez in being held at the Castro detention center in Havana, known as El Vivac.

Rabanal and Labrador aren't the first from the list of 53, who have been re-arrested.

Marcelino Abreu Bonora, who had been out of prison since October 24th, but was somehow included in Obama's list of 53 was then re-arrested after the December 17th announcement (on December 26th), brutally beaten (click here to see evidence) and kept in a punishment cell for nearly two weeks before being re-released on January 7th.

This Obama-Castro deal is clearly going from bad to worse.