Latest: Cuban Artist Re-Arrested for Third Time, Along With a Dozen Dissidents #YoTambienExijo

Friday, January 2, 2015
Renowned Cuban artist Tania Bruguera was arrested for a third time -- in three days -- this afternoon.

On Tuesday, December 30th, she had organized a rights performance entitled #YoTambienExijo, in which Cubans would be given a microphone to express their views in Havana's Revolutionary Square.

For this performance, Bruguera was arrested; accused of "resistance" and "public disorder"; had her passport confiscated and been forbidden from leaving the island.

Today, she went to the Castro regime's prisoner processing center, known as VIVAC, along with democracy leaders Antonio Rodiles, Ailer Maria Gonzalez and a dozen other dissidents, to demand the release of activists who remain imprisoned for seeking to participate in #YoTambienExijo.

Instead, they were all re-arrested.

(Further proof of Castro's quick, revolving-door with political prisoners and how President Obama cut a hollow deal in exchange for normalizing relations and easing sanctions.)

As of the time of this post, the following Cuban artists, journalists and activists (arrested in the last week) now remain imprisoned:

1. Tania Bruguera
2. Antonio G Rodiles
3. Ailer Gonzalez
4. Eva Baquero
5. Boris González Arenas
6. Camilo Ernesto Olivera
7. Andrés Pérez Suárez
8. Carlos Manuel Hernández Jiménez
9. Vicente Coll Campagnioli
10. Joisis García
11. Nelson Rodríguez
12. Agustín López Canino
13. Ernesto Santana
14. Delio Rodríguez Díaz
15. Pablo Pascual Méndez Piña
16. Waldo Fernández Cuenca
17. Raúl Borges
18. Yaneisi Herrera Cabrales
19. Ariovel Castillo Villalba
20. Carlos Manuel Hernández
21. Miguel Daniel Borroto
22. Raisel Rodríguez Rivero
23. Lázaro Montesino Hernández.
24. Oscar Casanella Saint Blancard
25. Dayron Moisés Torres
26. Danilo Maldonado Machado, el Sexto