Over 300 Democracy Activists Concerned With Obama-Castro Deal, Create Democratic Roadmap

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Forum for Rights and Freedoms

The announcements made by U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration have triggered an intense debate about the Cuban problem. Many of those in the opposition and activists from civil society, both inside the island and in exile, have lamented, above all, the lack of transparency and unilateral and unconditional character of the new measures announced.

It is indisputable and indispensable that Cubans be primarily responsible for the fate of our nation, but we also expect an effective commitment from the democratic community for the defense of fundamental freedoms and the establishment of the rule of law in Cuba.

Those of us who experience the abuses of the Cuban regime daily and those in exile who suffer and have suffered from the totalitarianism in their home country, are vital players in the process of transition. Ignoring many of our voices and acting from only one perspective of the problem weakens objectivity and endangers any political dialogue.

We are faced with two options. First, to accept the transformation of the regime to authoritarian capitalism where Cubans will have to settle for meager handouts, while the inheritors of Castroism dispose of our rights ans wealth. Second, to demand concrete and measurable changes that are conducive to the establishment of a true democracy.

The demand for the restoration of our freedoms is a necessary prerequisite for achieving a successful political transition. During these 56 long years of one-party dictatorship, activists and the opposition have repeatedly demanded the full exercise of freedoms inherent to human beings, often paying a high price for such claims.

The violation of fundamental rights in our country is validated under the current legal system. We therefore believe that the ratification and particularly the legal implementation of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, with their optional protocols, serves as a key instrument and road-map for solving the Cuban problem. Similarly, the guidelines of the International Labor Organization will provide us with an accurate idea of how to work on the legal system regarding labor issues and trade union freedoms.

We hope that Latin American countries, the European Union, Canada, the Holy See and the United States, as important political actors in the Cuban issue, join us in this fair and urgent demand. We have used as a reference the association agreement signed between the EU and Central America in 2012, with a clear emphasis on respect for human rights and democracy promotion.

Upon ratification of these agreements, we propose the following road-map to ensure the effective and prompt implementation of the commitments made:

  • The immediate release and cancellation of sentences against all prisoners arrested for political reasons (to decree amnesty)
  • On the Constitution, laws, regulations, procedures and administrative practices: the abolition of all articles that violate the International Covenants and restrict liberties on freedoms of expression, association, assembly, movement, conscience and religion, economic and cultural rights. To establish full guarantees for the exercise of those freedoms
  • On the Penal Code: the elimination of the clause of pre-criminal dangerousness, as well as all rules that can contribute to arrests, arbitrary detentions and acts of harassment that violate the agreements made
  • The restoration of constitutional-level judicial guarantees and the right to due process
  • New Law of Association that includes a multiparty system and guarantees for freedom of assembly. Concerning trade union rights, standards set by the International Labor Organization should be taken into account
  • New Media Law guaranteeing freedom of expression and the free flow of information
  • New Election Law (Restoration of National Sovereignty)
We believe that every step should be conditioned on the progressive advance of the road-map indicated above, sustained on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our ultimate goal is to move toward becoming a true democracy, with political pluralism, judicial independence, freedom and human rights. Where a Cuban, through consultations and a process of free and transparent elections, as well as the creation of a constitutional assembly, can define the destiny of our nation.

All genuine actors of the opposition and civil society, through their projects and demands both on the island and in exile, must play an active role in any process that seeks a solution to the Cuban problem.

At stake is the very future of the nation. We exercise this great responsibility which has fallen to us.


Ada María López Canino
Adelma Guerra
Adis Niria Dallet Argüelles
Adnaloy Rodríguez Díaz
Adonis Castro-Ruz Campello
Adonis Salgado Pérez
Adrian Perez Mendoza
Agustín López Canino
Aida Norma Roque
Aidé Gallardo Salazar
Ailer González Mena
Aliette Padrón Antigua
Alberto Sanchez Martiatu
Alejandro Raga
Alejandro Garcia Arias
Alexis Pérez Lescailles
Alexis Jardines
Alfredo Guillermo Rodríguez
Alina Brouwer
Ana María Socarras Piñón
Ana Olema
Alexander Perez Rodriguez
Alina de la C García
Aliuska Gómez García
Amelia Suarez Naranjo
Ana Torricella Morales
Anay Peñalver Subit
Andrés Pérez Suarez
Ángel Luis Díaz
Ángel Luis Martín
Ángel Moya Acosta
Ángel Santiesteban Prats
Anislay Escalona Polo
Antonio G. Rodiles
Antonio Jose Ponte
Arelis Blanco Coello
Arelis Rodríguez Silva
Ariadna Mena Rubio
Ariel Gonzalez Cuevas
Ariobel Castillo Villalba
Armando Abascal Serrano
Armando Peraza Hernández
Bárbara Rodríguez Vizcaíno
Barbara Viera Rodriguez
Benito Fojaco Iser
Berta Soler Fernández
Borris Larramendi
Camilo Ernesto Olivera Peidro
Caridad Ramírez
Caridad Valdés Soriano
Carlos Lázaro Tamayo Frías
Carlos M Figueroa Álvarez
Carlos M Hernández
Carlos Manuel Figueroa
Carlos Orlando Olivera Martinez
Carlos Rodríguez Seruto
Cecilia Guerra Alfonso
Cesar Reynel Gomez
Ciro Javier Diaz Penedo
Claudio Fuentes Madan
Cristina Xiomara Duques
Dairon Moisés Torre Paz
Dairy Coello Basulto
Daisy Artiles del Sol
Damaris Reve Rodríguez
Damarys Moya Portieles
Damián Albert Suviaut
Danai López Perdomo
Danaise Muños López
Dandy Lazo
David Águila Montero
Delises González Borrego
Digna Rodriguez Ibanez
Duvier Blanco Acosta
Edely Orlando Suarez
Hirain Alvarez Gálvez
Eduardo González Molina
Eduardo Marcos Pacheco Ortiz
Egberto Ángel Escobedo Morales
Elena Larrinaga
Elías Amor
Enrico M. Santí
Enrique Díaz Rodríguez
Enrique Martínez Marín
Enrique Rafael Valido
Enrique del Risco
Eralidis Frometa Polanco
Ernesto Gutiérrez
Ernesto Fonseca Garcia
Ernesto Hernandez Busto
Esteban Ajetes Abascal
Eugenia Díaz Hernández
Eugenio Hernández Hernández
Evelin Pineda Concepción
Félix Navarro
Félix Perez Palenzuela
Francisco Rangel Manzano
Francisco Valido
Frank Cosme Valdés
Gerardo Sánchez
Gisela Sánchez Baños
Gladis Capote Roque
Gloria Samper Oliva
Gorki Águila
Guillermo Fariñas Hernández
Guillermo García V
Gustavo Garabito Gómez
Haymee Moya Montes de Oca
Hugo Damian Prieto Blanco
Igdariz Pérez Ponciano
Ignacio Blanco Jimenez
Iris Quindelan
Iván Founier Costa
Iván García Quintero
Ivonne de las Mercedes
Abreu Jaime Bravo
Jaqueline Bone Hechevarria
Jaqueline Cutiño Leite
Jeovani Díaz López
Jeovany Jimenez Vega
Jesús Aristides Hernandez Pérez
Joel Brito
Jordanca Borquinelis
Jorge Luis Cuervo
Jorge Enrique Carbonell
Jorge Luis Artiles Montiel
Jorge Luis García Ostia
Jorge Luis Romero Becerra
Jorge Luis Trujillo González
Jorge Olivera Castillo
Jorge Rodríguez Rivero
Jose Alberto Gutierrez
José Agustín Benítez López
José A. Zamora García
Jose G. Ramón Castillo
José Díaz Silva
José Hernandez Lopez
José Ignacio Brito
José Luis León Pérez
José Ramón Polo Borges
José Raúl Rodriguez Rangel
Juan Alberto de la Nuez Ramirez
Juan Antonio Blanco
Juan Carlos Linares Balmaseda
Juan González Febles
Juan Manuel Lora Vidal
Julia Herrera Roque
Julio Aleaga Pesant
Julio Antonio Ramírez
Julio Herrera Roque
Julio Rojas Portal
Kessell Rodríguez Rodríguez
Kirenia Molina
Laritza Olivares Dinza
Laudelina Alcalde García
Laura Marante
Laura Marante Delgado
Lazara B. Sendiña Recalde
Lazara M Borrego Guzmán
Lázaro Díaz Sánchez
Lazaro Mendoza Garcia
Lázaro Fresneda Fernández
Lázaro Luis Ruíz Hechevarria
Lázaro R Armenteros Martorel
Lázaro Yosvani Montesino
Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca
Liu Santiesteban
León Padrón Azcuy
Lia-Lianelis Villares
Liset Naranjo
Lismeirys Quintana Ávila
Livan Serafín
Lourdes Esquivel
Lucia Molina Villegas
Lucinda González Gómez
Luis Alberto Cruz Silva
Luis Bárbaro Ortega Avenza
Luis Cino Álvarez
Luis Enrique Labrador Díaz
Luis Felix Fernandez Moreno
Luis Jesús Gutiérrez Campos
Luisa R Toscano
Luis Trapaga
Lupe Busto
Maikel Norton Cordero
Mailen González González
Manuel Aguirre Labarrere
Manuel Zayas Martínez
Marcelino Lorenzo Fernández
Margarita Rodríguez Díaz
María Acon Sardiñas
María Cristina Labrada Varona
María Josefa Sardiñas
María Rosa Rodríguez Molina
Marislaidys Sánchez Vargas
Maritza Concepción Salmiento
Mark Alonso Parada
Marta Belquis Rodríguez González
Mayelin Peña Bullain
Mayelin Santiesteban López
Maylin González González
Melvia Aguilera
Mercedes Pérez
Merenis Herry García
Mijail Bonito
Miguel Ángel Tamayo Frías
Miguel Daniel Borroto Vázquez
Miguel Farinas Quey
Mista Ricardo Torres
Nelson Rodríguez Chartrand
Nilo Gilbert Arencibia
Noelvis León López
Normando Hernandez Gonzalez
O Díaz Becerra
Odelin Alfonso Torna
Olaida del Castillo Trujillo
Olga Lidia Torres Iglesias
Omar Suarez Campo
Orlando Rodriguez Rodriguez
Orlando Villar de Armas
Oscar Luis Milian Reinoso
Oslien Noda Fonseca
Osmal Laffita Rojas
Osmani Díaz Cristo
Oylin Hernández Rodríguez
Pablo J.Hernandez Gonzalez
Paulino Estévez Jiménez
Pedro Fontanal Miranda
Pedro Benítez
Quirenia Díaz Argüelles
Rachel Gamboa Campos
Rafael Hernández Blanco
Rafael Rodríguez Rivero
Raisel Rodríguez Rivero
Ramon Alejandro Munoz Gonzalez
Ramon Chavez Gonzalez
Ramón Jiménez Arencibia
Ramón Mor Hernández
Ramon Zamoza Rodriguez
Raquel María Rodríguez Morejón
Raúl Borges Álvarez
Regla Ríos Casado
Reinaldo Figueros
Reinaldo Martínez
Ricardo Almira
Ricardo Mansilla Corona
Roberto Arsenio López Ramos
Roberto Pupo Tejeda
Rogelio Fabio Hurtado Rodríguez
Rolando Ferrer Espinosa
Rolando Pulido
Rolando Reyes Rabanal
Rolando Rodríguez Rivero
Ronny Gámez Luna
Rosalinda Visiedo Gómez
Roxilene Sotolongo Cruz
Saúl González
Santiago Jordan Rios
Sebastian Arcos
Serafín Moran Santiago
Serafín Moran Santiago
Sergio Girat Estrada
Smith Cantillo Pérez
Sodrelis Torruella Poncio
Sonia Álvarez Campello
Sonia Garro Alfonso
Stewe Maikel Pardo Valdez
Tamara Rodríguez Quesada
Ubaldo Herrero Hernández
Vicente Campanioni
Vicente Sebastián Borges
Virgen Coello Basulto
Vikingo Ferrari
Vladimir Ortiz Suarez
Vladimir Turru Paez
Xiomara de las M Cruz Miranda
Yadelys Montano León
Yaimel Rodríguez Arroyo
Yamile Borges Hurtado
Yamile Garro Alfonso
Yamile Naranjo
Yaneisi Herrera Cabrales
Yanisel Bosa Garrido
Yanitza Estrada Liranza
Yasil Fernández Denis
Yasmani Barroso Bergolla
Yasmani Barroso Pergolla
Yasmani Cuesta González
Yelky Páez Rodríguez
Yeniset Aguilera
Yoan Guzmán Díaz
Yoisy Jaramillo Sánchez
Yolanda Santana Ayala
Yoraida Peña Padilla
Yosbani Arce Blanco
Yuleidis Ortiz
Yuliet Margarita Rodríguez Báez
Yulinne Tamayo Frías
Yuneisis Coto Casino
Yuniesqui Gainza
Yuniset Amores Aguilera
Yurineisi Alemán
Yurleani Tamayo Martínez
Yuslaidis Balero Concepción
Zaqueo Báez Guerrero
Zenen Daniel Cruz
Zulema Lay