Canada Thrilled Obama Likes Its Failed Cuba Policy

Sunday, February 1, 2015
During a meeting with his counterparts from Canada and Mexico this weekend, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was jubilant about the "enormous interest" these nations showed in the Obama Administration's new Cuba policy.

Both nations praised the Obama Administration for seeking to follow their lead -- in other words, "leading from behind" -- in decades of financing Castro's repressive dictatorship.

Canada is Cuba's biggest source of tourists, with 1.1 million traveling last year and staying at the Cuban military's all-inclusive beach resorts. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Canada generously turned tourism into one of Castro's biggest sources of revenue.

Meanwhile, Mexico has been a historic political ally of the Castro dictatorship. Last year, the Pena Nieto government forgave 70% of Castro's $500 million debt to Mexico. Debt forgiveness financed by the impoverished people of Mexico.

All while turning a blind-eye to Cuba's repressive realities, of course.

Yet, apparently, the Obama Administration finds this to be a "successful" alternative.

It's more like a shameful alternative.