Amid Netflix's Publicity Stunt, Young Cuban Gets 3-Year Sentence for Connectivity

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
While Netflix and Conan O'Brien use the Cuban tragedy to generate publicity for their brands, the Castro regime continues to repress its people's desire for connectivity.

Yet, while Netflix and O'Brien get resounding coverage -- and misinform the public -- Castro's victims are ignored.

Last week, the Castro regime handed a three-year prison sentence to Mauricio Noa Maceo, a young man who simply helped dozens of Cuban families receive satellite television signal from the United States.

Noa Maceo was originally arrested in August 2014, when the authorities found an "RCA Direct TV black satellite receptor" in his home.

The Castro regime prohibits the Cuban people any private connection to satellite television and the Internet.

Below is a picture (courtesy of Hablemos Press) of Noa Maceo and his baby daughter, who he will not see for three-years: