Colombia Intercepts Shipment of "War Materiel" Headed to Cuba

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
The Colombian authorities have intercepted a Chinese-flagged ship loaded with "war materiel" headed for Cuba.

It was intercepted near the Port of Cartagena. The cargo includes long-range weapons systems.

According to El Tiempo, the ship did not have appropriate documentation -- indicating that this was a clandestine shipment.

The ship's captain also resisted any inspection.

The Colombian authorities first believed the heavy weaponry was being smuggled to the South American nation, but the final destination was Cuba.

In the summer of 2013, a North Korean vessel was intercepted trying to cross the Panama Canal with over 240 tons of Cuban weapons headed for Pyongyang.

That vessel also did not have proper documentation and the ship's captain resisted inspection.

Cuba was found to be in violation of U.N. sanctions -- the most egregious violation of these sanctions to date.

Yet, Castro's regime got away scot-free -- despite a U.N. Panel of Experts documenting how the Cuban authorities lied and sought to conceal the weapons shipment.

Instead, the Obama Administration rewarded Castro's regime with the normalization of diplomatic relations and eased sanctions for travel and trade with the Cuban military's monopolies.

Obviously, this has failed to temper the behavior of Castro's regime.