Cuba Takeaway From Iowa Ag Summit

Sunday, March 8, 2015
Politico listed its ten takeaways from last week's Iowa agricultural summit with GOP presidential candidates.

Here's #8:

The Republican field is in lockstep against having anything to do with Cuba.

Farmers tend to support opening new markets for their crops. Some are part of the coalition that has pushed to lift the five-decade-old Cuban trade embargo.

But to a man, the Republicans running for president decried engaging with the current regime.

Perry chastised Obama for giving Cuba three of its spies back in exchange for Alan Gross, who had been held in captivity for five years. “We got the way short end of that deal,” he said.

Cruz, the son of a Cuban émigré, noted that the island just got caught trying to smuggle arms to North Korea through the Panama Canal. “Cuba is a communist dictatorship,” he said. “They are exporting terrorism throughout the hemisphere.”