New Poll: Cuba's Hostility and Human Rights Fuel Strong Disapproval of Obama's Policy

Monday, March 30, 2015
From Inter-American Security Watch:

New Poll: Castro’s Hostility and Human Rights Record Fuel Strong Disapproval Of Obama’s Concessions To Regime

The more Americans know about the Castro regime’s record on human rights violations and hostility toward the United States, the more likely they are to strongly disapprove of President Obama’s Cuba gambit, according to a national opinion poll released today by Inter-American Security Watch.

Respondents to the poll initially supported President Obama’s December 17th decision to normalize diplomatic relations and ease travel and financial restrictions with the island by a margin of 51%-38%. However, when the question was posed along with fresh examples of Cuba’s dealings with Russia, North Korea, cop-killers and terrorists, the results were dramatically reversed, with normalization opposed by about 30- to 40-point margins.

When asked if sanctions should be maintained pending progress by Cuba on human rights and elections, respondents agreed 64%-16%; and, when asked if Cuba’s designation as a supporter of terrorism should be maintained because it harbors terrorists, respondents agreed 68-16%.

“President Obama’s decision to cave to Castro was terrible diplomacy and, now we know, foolish politics,” said former U.S. Ambassador Roger F. Noriega of Inter-American Security Watch. “When Americans hear basic facts about Castro’s hostility and human rights violations, they know that the President’s unilateral concessions only emboldened a dangerous, despotic regime.”

Inter-American Security Watch is a web-based resource on developments in Latin America and the Caribbean that have a negative impact on hemispheric stability and U.S. security.

The survey of 700 likely voters, with an over-sample of 300 Cuban-American voters, was taken March 16-23, by the pollster OnMessage Inc.

Please see the polling memo below (or click here):

Cuba Issues National - 3-26 - Memo - FINAL