Obama's Cuba Folly Unfolds

Friday, March 27, 2015
This week, the G-77 issued a declaration conveying its "solidarity and support" for the government of Nicolas Maduro and urging President Obama to repeal the Executive Order that sanctions Venezuelan human rights violators.

Despite its name, the G-77 is a U.N. coalition of 134 developing nations. They include all of Latin America, with the exception of Mexico. Thus, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, etc.

Let's be clear -- Obama's Executive Order only sanctioned seven Venezuelan officials known for their human rights violations, corruption and criminal activities. As such, it prohibits them from entering the United States and from using our financial system.

Yet, the G-77 nations believe these Venezuelan thugs have some sort of inherent right to visit the United States and to use our financial system for reprehensible acts.

And these nations that the Obama Administration believes will now support us in "pressing" for human rights and democracy in Cuba?

These the nations whose lead we've followed in normalizing relations Castro's dictatorship?

The Obama Administration new Cuba policy is based on two (false) theories: 1. That our regional allies will now support us. 2. That business will influence Castro's dictatorship.

Meanwhile, our regional allies turn a blind-eye to the repression and radicalization of Nicolas Maduro's government, despite the United States being Venezuela's #1 trading partner.

The folly unfolds.