Obama's Cuba Policy Distracts From Increased Abuses

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
According to Cuban independent journalists (Hablemos Press), there have been over 200 political arrests during the first eight days of March.

On March 8th alone, nearly 90 members of the opposition group, Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU), were violently arrested.

Yet, there's been no media coverage -- let alone statements of concern from the Obama Administration (or any other nations that were supposed to now challenge the abuses of Cuba's dictatorship).

Instead, the news has been focused on Conan O'Brien's publicity stunt; agricultural trade delegations by shameless U.S. Governors; and whether Major League Baseball will play exhibition games in Cuba.

This is also why the Castro regime loves having "talks" with the U.S. on peripheral issues -- environment, telecommunications, agriculture, etc.

For it provides an easy formula:

More distractions, more abuses.

This, too, was (sadly) predictable.