Clandestine Arms Shipment Arrives in Cuba

Thursday, April 30, 2015
The Chinese vessel, Da Dan Xia, carrying 15 containers of heavy weaponry hidden as a grain shipment, arrived in Cuba last night.

The shipment was discovered in Cartagena, Colombia on February 28th and held by the authorities (under a veil of secrecy) for over two months. It consists of 100 tons of explosives, 2.6 million detonators, 99 projectile heads and around 3,000 artillery shells.

It is now at the Port of Mariel, which is owned by Almacenes Universales, S.A., a shadow company of the Cuban military.

Evidence continues to accumulate that the shipment was actually being smuggled -- by the Cuban military -- for FARC narco-terrorists.

After all, an arms shipment between China and Cuba would have been legal, if conducted with transparency. Instead, the parties chose to illegally conceal the weapons shipment.

So why did the parties go to such lengths to conceal a shipment that could have otherwise been legal?

And, as The Wall Street Journal's Mary O'Grady asked in her column this week -- why won't the Colombian government disclose what the ship was supposedly dropping off in Cartagena, if not weapons?

Some of the comments to O'Grady's column raise other interesting points:

"With only about four decades working with ships and their manifests (the proper term, not bill of lading) there is no way this was not done without complicity with the authorities in all the countries involved (Cuba, China, and Colombia)."

"What an exercise in stupidity from the Cubans and Chinese, who are covering for FARC... Here; Coming from the Pacific via the Panama Canal you exit into the Atlantic at Colon, you have to take a hard right (starboard) to go to Cartagena, Cuba is N-NW relative on a straight course, you don't go to Cartagena from Colon unless you mean to..."

Clearly, a shipment of weapons for a terrorist group -- with the support of the Cuban regime -- would have hampered President Obama's pre-conceived removal of Cuba from the state-sponsors of terrorism list.

Thus, the silence.