Cuomo's Adventure in Cuba Amoral, Offensive

Monday, April 20, 2015
Cuomo's Adventure in Cuba Amoral, Counterproductive Use of Taxpayer Dollars, Offensive to Cuban-Americans

NYGOP Finance Committee Chair Arcadio Casillas, a Cuban-American whose family fell victim to the Castro regime, released the following statement this morning regarding Andrew Cuomo's trip to Cuba:

"For the Governor of the State of New York to visit Cuba is an amoral disaster that is as costly to taxpayers as it is offensive to Cuban Americans whose families have been victims of the Castro regime. In 2015, Cuba is still a police state, political dissidents are imprisoned and tortured, and the Castro regime has suppressed Cubans and created poverty and disharmony. While the administration has removed Cuba from the US State Sponsors of Terrorism list for political reasons, the Castro regime still plays a role in the spread of anti-Americanism around the world. 

Years ago, my father was murdered by the Castros and I risked my life to escape. People continue to do so today. To give this regime legitimacy is counterproductive to the global cause of advancing human rights and human dignity and does not belong on the agenda of any governor or elected official, regardless of the insensitive, amoral and unilateral position of the White House. We urge the governor to rethink this adventure in light of his constituents and of its far-reaching negative implications."