Weren't Other Nations Supposed to Promote Freedoms in Cuba (Venezuela) Now?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
On February, 3rd, 2015, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Roberto Jacobson testified in the U.S. Senate that President Obama's new Cuba policy was going to now allow us to "effectively" work with other nations to promote human rights and democracy.

Jacobson repeated it over-and-over-and-over again. She even took it a step further:

"We are already seeing indications that our updated approach gives us a greater ability to engage other nations in the hemisphere and around the world in promoting respect for fundamental freedoms in Cuba."

We are?

Please do tell -- for repression in Cuba continues to dramatically rise and we haven't heard a peep from other nations yet.

To the contrary, just last week, Jacobson was expressing her "disappointment" with other nations' unwillingness to defend democracy in Cuba's puppet-state, Venezuela:

"Words matter, and the tone that leaders set is important... The tone that certain (Latin American) leaders are setting is one of demonizing the United States as the source of Venezuela's problems, when we are not, and so that does make it harder for us to move forward pragmatically."

So just how many concessions and how much nose-rubbing of Castro & Co. is necessary for this theory to function?