Confirmed: Alan Gross' Lawyer Shilling for Cuba's Regime

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Confirming what we posted last week about Alan Gross' lawyer, Scott Gilbert, including his lack of transparency and conflicts of interest.

Gilbert is now shilling for Castro's monopolies and lobbying for U.S. businesses who want to make a quick profit off the captive Cuban people. 

Here's an excerpt from Fox News:

[Scott] Gilbert has a new relationship with the island – he is guiding its government on how to take steps to handle and attract American businesses.

An email from a spokesman for Gilbert about his efforts explained that, "Scott's experience in Cuba is now leading him to help the Cuban government set up structures and systems of governance (such as a system of arbitration) that will help, among other things, bring investment into Cuba."

Gilbert receives no payment from the Cuban government, he said.

And through Reneo, a consulting firm he launched more than a year ago, Gilbert also provides guidance to Americans who want to invest or do business in Cuba, often traveling there for these projects and reinforcing ties that he developed during the Gross case.