Castro Thanks Pope for One-Sided Deal

Sunday, May 10, 2015
In Moscow this weekend, General Raul Castro joined some of the world's worst tyrants in supporting Putin's spectacle of military force (and snub of the West).

On his return to Havana, the Cuban dictator stopped by the Vatican to thank Pope Francis for his role in mediating relations with the U.S.

And what's not to be thankful for.

Castro is very grateful that he has received a host of political and economic concessions from the United States -- a deal that has thrust him as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People and provided his regime with a financial lifeline, just as his Venezuelan subsidies were waning.

The best part for Castro is that he's had to do absolutely nothing in return -- political repression continues to rise at alarming rates and his economic monopoly remains intact.

The deal "negotiated" by Obama -- with the help of Pope Francis -- was so one-sided and timely for Castro's regime that Raul is feeling inspired:

"If things continue this way, I'll even begin praying and attending Mass again."

But who needs prayers when you have President Obama and Pope Francis in your corner.