French President in Cuba: Meets Castros, Criticizes U.S., Ignores Dissidents

Monday, May 11, 2015
President Obama told us that his new Cuba policy would encourage other nations to hold the Castro regime accountable for the lack of human rights and democracy on the island.

We have yet to see a single case of this.

Today, French President Francois Hollande visited Havana -- and he was no exception.  

Here are the major takeaways of Hollande's visit:

- Met with Fidel and Raul Castro.
- Fawned over Fidel.
- Told the Castros he is "a faithful ally."
- Criticized U.S. policy towards Cuba.
- Held a business round-table with Castro's monopolies and French companies that traffic in stolen properties.
- Ignored dissidents.

We are watching Obama's "empowerment" of the Castro regime play out before our eyes.